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Hello. My name is Julian Rowe-Jones, and I’m a specialist in rhinoplasty (also known as nose jobs). My specialist rhinoplasty clinic is based in Guildford and London’s Harley Street.

Since I was young, I have been driven by a desire to understand and master complex problems and to create order and simplicity.

I have always been inspired by the arts, particularly where technical skill and creativity combine to produce aesthetic clarity of shape and form and I admire those who achieve an harmonious relationship where both form and function succeed.

I gain a genuine sense of achievement from using my hands to create aesthetic balance and simple beauty from something as complex as the nose.

I chose rhinoplasty as it is the most complex of the aesthetic facial surgical challenges to master; and I strive to bring a softer, more harmonious and gentle look to the face by creating a natural nasal shape with effortless airflow. Being able to see and share my patient’s happiness and greater personal ease and confidence after rhinoplasty is the ultimate reward.

Now it’s your turn to choose rhinoplasty, or not. In this website, I hope to guide you to answering that question for yourself. Here and in my UK Guide to Rhinoplasty, I’ll share how I go about identifying the benefits of rhinoplasty with my patients. I’ll share the limitations and the risks, so that you can decide whether rhinoplasty is right for you.

We will share what you must do before rhinoplasty, what happens when you come to hospital, and what typically happens after rhinoplasty. I’ll share how you might feel, when you might feel ready to re-engage in your regular routine, and your general responsibilities to ensure you best recovery from the procedure.

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FREE UK Guide to Rhinoplasty

For more information you can download our FREE UK Guide to Rhinoplasty, written by specialist surgeon, Julian Rowe-Jones.

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Mr Rowe-Jones answers your questions about rhinoplasty

These videos were created out of conversations I’ve had with patients. Real, conversational and straightforward answers to the questions you want answered about nose jobs.

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Real Patient Stories

What’s it like to have rhinoplasty? Real patients share their concerns and views after their nose job.

“I felt totally at ease and had full confidence in his abilities before the procedure and the results turned out to be better than I had expected.”
“I wished I had consulted Julian Rowe-Jones right at the start, as it would have saved me so much heartache.”
“The fact that Julian only operates on noses makes a big difference I think. The pain after surgery was minimal and I was well looked after by the hospital (I recommend the honeycomb ice cream – I ended up having four pots!).”
“I would firstly like to thank Mr Julian Rowe-Jones for looking after me so well.”
“Ten years of suffering and psychological agony was taken away from me.”
“Julian has gone above and beyond my expectations.”
“The experience from the consultation to the surgery and postoperative care has been incredible and professional, both with Mr Rowe-Jones and all the staff.”
“Julian Rowe-Jones immediately made me feel at ease and that everything I had discussed with him was under control.”
“The result is even better than I imagined – a very subtle change that still makes a big difference.”
“I am delighted that my nose looks great and performs as it should – I sleep well!”
“They have been incredibly supportive throughout the whole process.”
“I will recommend you to anyone.”
“He has made me feel so much happier about my nose.”
“One of the best decisions I have ever made”
“I am so pleased with the results”
“It has given me more confidence – it is not something i worry about anymore. I am really happy with the results and i think my nose looks natural – which is what I was after.”
“I no longer worry about my profile, photos or the way i’m sitting. I’m very happy with The Nose Clinic. They offered a very professional service, with lovely staff.”
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When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.

So pleased with the outcome of my surgery

I had surgery with Dr Rowe-Jones 6 months ago and cannot praise him and his team enough for the outstanding care and continued support that I have received.

The decision to proceed was very easy

I wanted to put something in writing after my surgery on my nose last year. When we first met, I had already had previous surgery on my nose but was still very conscious of my inability to breath properly and the aesthetic look.

The experience was ‘life-changing’ for my daughter

I was quite anxious going to the hospital for my surgery but felt that I was doing the right thing and that the next day I would wake feeling different.

The staff made me feel comfortable and safe

A year down the line and I am very happy with my nose, I can smell the flowers and have a great confidence about my nose, for some people, its a little thing, but if you’re on this website, you know its the little things that matter!


Before and After

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